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"Like all great blues men, MacLeod

lives his music, and the songs are not just

on the tips of his fingers and tongue,

they are one with his being.

- Blues Music Magazine

"Probably the greatest living representative of the acoustic blues.”

- Heaven Magazine, The Netherlands

  • Hi Folks - Here's the DUBB-LETTER for November 2015...



    Photo by Jeff Fasano


    The first 6 days of November will find me in Belize with Phil Wiggins for Blues In Belize. That's gonna' be a good time!

    Photo by Theo Looijmans

    Then I'm gonna' head up to National Reso-Phonic Guitars to get 'Moon' a little tune-up. You know me and her been running pretty hard lately. Then a little R&R, which sometimes means do some 'honey do's around the house, you understand.  :-)

    I'll work on some songs that have been hanging out waiting patiently on me. And of course, I'll be looking forward to spending some time with my family and friends and enjoying the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S. ...

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  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, and Norway Tour and Photos

    OK, so you wanna' know why the empty chair? Easy. It's 'Dubb-less'. :-)

    Photo by Theo Looijmans and the 'Dubb-less' caption from Paul Ferraby.

    I'm thinking a lot of you may want to see some photos of the tours. So along with the news, I'm gonna' include a few of the photos from the last European Tour. It was a great tour visiting The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, and Norway. We did 19 shows in 21 days. The audiences were warm and appreciative. And believe it or not, we had just one rainy day!

    In Belgium the home of truly great beers. I've got a glass of Duvel here. Of course I'm drinking this after the concert just before the encore!

    At the Fasol Minen Winery in Valdobbiadene Italy.

    The best Proseco and Abruzzo wine!

    In The Ferrari Museum in Modena Italy. This is the car that Ascari drove to the championships in 1952 and 1953.

    The Castle in the old town

    of Ferrara Italy.

    One of the special 'perks' I have doing what I do is this. I sometimes am very fortunate to stay with and get to know some wonderful folks. Here's a shot outside my favorite B&B in Heeze Netherlands. With, from the left, Joris a fine musician, his dad Karel, his mom Elly, my tour manager Theo, and his wife Diana.

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